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Omai Kofi

An enthusiast of spirited expression, she is a dynamic powerhouse, writer, producer, director, edutainer and advisor, better known simply as "The Idea." 2011 marked Omai's multimedia journey by accepting a position as the Executive Producer for The Cheryl 'Action' Jackson Show a variety talk show based in Dallas, TX and Creative Director for 1016 Media. These signature career roles fit perfectly after 6 years of independent contracting with marketing companies such as Alloy Marketing & Media and in the multimedia industry.
From PR, speaking, community activism, networking, to counseling, Omai considers herself, "A Polymath – forever learning and teaching." In her pursuits of utilizing edutainment to promote community initiatives of the world, she chooses the path of establishing a platform for Self-Education where she invests time in working directly with leaders of the world to initiate effective projects, programs and endeavors which will cause empowerment among members of society. She is a doctorial candidate obtaining a Ph.D. in Philosophy from The University of North Texas and University of Texas at Arlington where she is a co-chair in the Women in Leadership organization.
Women entrepreneurship is where she excels and provides her passion and expertise through her non-profit foundation entitled PINK FIRE which is a Female Entrepreneur Money Institution (FEMI) which provides "fuel" for women owned and operated businesses through a lottery system which provides them with capital for operations. In 2008, she was named National Facilitator & Director of the Saving Our Daughters Book Series working with teens across the nation and abroad about self-empowerment issues and related topics. Kofi has invented several community empowerment projects, which specialize in edutainment for impoverished people in the U.S. and abroad after becoming homeless during her aspirations in the entertainment industry.

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